ENCISS awarded Presidential Gold Medal

ENCISS is a winner of the Presidential Gold Medal, given in recognition of the programme's service to the nation in promoting good governance. Read more

ENCISS newsletter issue 6

ENCISS newsletter - August issue

The sixth edition of the ENCISS newsletter is available to download now, with the latest news, views and programme information from around Sierra Leone. Download now.

News and views

Alpha Sankoh, ENCISS programme director
Phase 3 to run until Jan 2015, director confirms
thermometer and pills
ENCISS partners support efforts to halt outbreak
the roundtable discussion
ENCISS hosts high-level governance roundtable
Milestone event is deferred, due to Ebola outbreak

Learning Labs

Learning Labs. Read more.
Learning Labs is a new ENCISS initiative to promote a culture of sharing and learning among civil society and beyond, with the help of resources, events, radio broadcasts, case studies, testimonials and more.
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SMS Voices – a community reporting pilot

ENCISS has launched a pioneering community reporting pilot project that uses text message technology to connect citizens with local government in Sierra Leone. SMS Voices aims to support councillors to respond to members of their communities on current issues of concern. The three-month pilot sees 45 newly trained citizen reporters in Bo and Koinadugu Districts sharing news reports with their ward councillors via SMS (short message service – or text messaging), spanning themes such as gender, youth and justice. These councillors will then respond to the matters raised, again by text message, creating a feedback loop between citizens and local authorities. All conversations are transmitted and stored using a web-based system; ENCISS is monitoring the progress of the pilot with the help of an interactive map, below.

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Civil society spotlight: rights for all

Kabala Cheshire Services was created by volunteers in the aftermath of the civil war. Today, it has a livelihood and skills training programme that focuses on supporting vulnerable women, including childless widows, and people living with disabilities. With support from ENCISS, Kabala Cheshire Services has sought to raise awareness of the different types of exclusion these marginalised groups face and to tackle the stigma and discrimination that prevents them from playing a full role in community life.
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Monday Manseray received support from the project.